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Build your professional network, and share knowledge, experiences, and ideas


Welcom to 5th ACDE2017

join some of the most knowledgeable and experienced leaders in the field of open, distance education. you will enjoy deferent sessions—included talks, problem-solving sessions, discussions, demos, hands-on mini-workshops, and so much more—plus abundant opportunities for networking.

Join us to help Africans grow, excel and achieve

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Keynote speakers

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Prof. Tolly S .A. Mbwette
African Union Commission Speaks ON:


Prof. Mandla Makhanya
University of South Africa

ON:The Impact of ODL application in Africa

Dr.Faiz Omer
Khartoum North

ON:ODL in peace building and conflict resolution

Prof.Gabriel Kabanda
Pro Vice Chancellor,Zimbabwe Open University

ON:Quality issues in ODL

Ephraim Mhlanga
South African Institute for Distance Education

ON:6. Embracing online technologies,OER and MOOCs

Professor Rotimi Ogidan
Job Title

Capacity building and research in ODL.

The conference rationale:

The increase in the population growth and the mounting need for sustainable education for the knowledge economy forces education institutions to find innovative ways of providing relevant education for the digital era. There is need to reset ODL human skills and aptitudes in order to guide and steer teaching, learning, training and education to meet the demands of the rapidly changing digital era. The fifth conference of the African Council for Distance Education (ACDE),will highlight the impact of ODL in the community, developments in ODL best practices, research, capacity building, technology enhanced learning, MOOCs / OERs and quality assurance.

Conference Theme

Conference Theme


Conference Objectives

To bring together academics, researchers, administrators, managers and students to discuss and share their experiences and research findings on:

  • The impact of ODL across Africa.
  • To promote best practices in ODL.
  • To foster ODL networks with colleagues across the continent.
  • To enhance ODL research in Africa.

Sub Theme:

  1. The impact of ODL applications in Africa.
  2. Embracing Online technologies, OERs and MOOCs.
  3. Capacity building and research in ODL.
  4. Policy development and management for effective implementation of ODL.
  5. Quality issues in ODL.
  6. ODL in peace-building and conflict resolution.

Call for abstracts and papers

Abstracts and papers are invited on the theme and sub-themes described above. The presentations shall be in the form of:

  • Theoretical papers
  • Empirical research findings
  • Case studies
  • Practice based projects
  • Poster presentations

    Academics, practitioners, managers, administrators and researchers in ODL and related fields are invited to submit abstracts and full papers.

    Abstracts will be reviewed and authors notified about the acceptance of their papers.

    Full papers will be peer reviewed before being published in the conference proceedings.

    Those papers presented at the conference and are found to be valuable for a wider readership will be considered for publication in the ACDE Journal and the Journal of Open University of Sudan

    Abstracts and papers should be submitted to:
    Open University of Sudan, P.O. Box: 13091 Khartoum, Sudan. e-mail:

Important Datelines

    Submission of abstracts:
    30th September 2016 ofpapers:
    15th December 2016. Standard registration:
    20thJanuary to 6thMarch 2017

Major Events

    -Arrival 6th-March,2017
    -Pre-Conference Workshop & ACDE Board Meetings 7th- 8th March,2017
    - Conference Proceedings and Presentations 9th-March,2017
    -ACDE General Assembly ( for ACDE members) 10th-March, 2017
    - Departure


This event is made possible through generous support from our partners.

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Minestery of Information And Comuncation

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